Monday, August 15, 2011

A Perfect End to a Summer of Fun

We hope everyone is doing well. The Lujan Familia had a fun summer. It started off with my brother Matthew graduating high school and my little brother, Joseph, graduating elementary school. I'm super proud of them! Madison lost her 2 bottom teeth in June. The tooth fairy was very busy. All I have to say is that I wish I had Maddie's generous tooth fairy when I was a little girl. Both the girls celebrated their birthdays in July. Madison is 5 and Brianna is 2. I can't believe how quick my little sweethearts are growing. I had small parties for the girls because we were going Disneyland for their birthdays. We went to visit my family and was able to celebrate with them at a water park. Both Madison and Brianna had a great time with all their little cousins. Of course we did the usual summer stuff like swimming, we hung out with friends and had BBQs. Last week was our Disneyland trip. I'm thinking this will be an annual trip for us because we have so much fun. We spent 3 days there and had a blast! It's very tiresome but worth every minute. I took Bri this year and she did great. She was so excited to see most characters and enjoyed all the rides. We also did character dining and breakfast with Minnie and friends. It was so awesome. All the characters came to our table and signed the girls autograph books, chatted with them for a while and took pictures. Below are some of the many pictures that I took. Enjoy.

The happiest place on earth

Wild and crazy drivers.
Maddie and her favorite princess: Ariel. The new Little Mermaid ride is amazing and beautiful.
Show me those muscles.
Maddie asked Flynn Rider what was in his satchel and he pulled out the stolen crown.

Brianna kept yelling faster and faster. We were on a lady bud ride in Bugs Land that was similar to the tea cups. She's my daredevil.

Chatting with Stitch

Bri and grandma on the Little Mermaid ride
The flying Lujan girls
Rafiki was the first character to visit our table and he scared the daylights out of my poor little girl. We also got to visit with Tigger, fairy godmother, Chip and Dale and lots more.

Priceless!!! She was in 'awww' and her little brown eyes just lit up
Chatting with Minnie. I missed the shot but Brianna gave her a kiss on the nose.

Sleeping Beauty

We hope everyone had a great summer. Next on the menu: soccer practice begins tomorrow and Madison starts kindergarten in 2 days. I think she'll do pretty good but I don't think I'm going to survive. It wasn't hard for me to leave her at preschool but I'm getting sad about kinder. We went to orientation today and she got to meet her new teacher. She felt somewhat comfortable but we'll see in a few days. Have a great school year everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bri + E.R. = Heartache

Back in October 2010, Brianna had fell at her grandma/pa's house and ended up having to get 2 staples in her head. From that moment on, I said she was going to be my E.R. kid. Well, momma was right. A week ago, I put Bri down for a nap after Maddie's game. Within 10 minutes of lying her down, she was crying and I heard Jon ask where I lied her down at. I knew that she had fallen out of her crib. She has never tried to climb in/ out of her bed. To make a long story short, we ended up in the emergency room and after 4 hours of waiting for results, I was told that my sweet little bug broke 2 bones in her wrist. Keep in mind that this child doesn't like to be touched and goes through the roof even when checking her vitals. It took 3 staff members to wrap her like a burrito in order to put a splint on her arm. As her mommy, who's suppose to make her feel better, I felt horrible because I couldn't take her pain away. All I could do was comfort her and wipe away her tiny tears. The staff were all very nice to her and even wrapped her doll's left arm in a purple bandage. The next day, we took her to an orthopedic and he put a cast on her. When he asked what color we wanted, she said: 'I want pink'. So now she's rockin' a hot pink cast for the next 3 weeks. She has been doing a lot better than I thought. Nothing stops her from doing what she does. The only thing Bri has a fit about is putting a bag over her arm during bath time. She starts yelling: 'No bag, please.' Nothing has ever happened to my wild rambunctious child (Maddie) but yet my calm, mellow and cautious child has had staples and now a cast. The joys of mommy hood. I wouldn't change it for the world. I posted a few pictures of my poor little girl.

Jon converted her crib into a toddler bed. We've been planning on getting her a big girl bed for her 2nd birthday so this bed will do for now. Brianna likes the fact of being able to get in/out of her own bed and does pretty good when it comes to bed time. She loves Minnie Mouse so we got her the bedding to help her feel comfy.

Brianna and her baby all tucked in for a good night's sleep.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Diamondbacks!!!

It's that time again and Maddie is the cutest little Diamondback ever! She also has the cutest little cheerleader and team mascot, Brianna. I love baseball season. Maddie is the only girl on her team. There are 15 t-ball teams and ours is the only team with 1 girl. But she doesn't mind. All the boys with the exception of 1 are very kind and all the moms are always awwwing over her. The boys are always complimenting her eyes, sparkly hair bows, her long pretty hair,...etc. Jon and I are afraid when she hits her teen years. I'm already pulling my hair out. Believe me, she eats up every bit of attention she gets. I'm not just saying this because she's my daughter but she's a darn good ball player. She shows them boys up. Jon has been practicing with her a lot and has improved since last season. Sometimes she has trouble hitting off the tee but that's because she's use to hitting off the pitch. At least she'll be ready for next year. Maddie gets to start playing with all girls next year when she's 5. I may even help coach and look forward to being a softball mom. I wouldn't be disappointed if she didn't show any interest at all but I'm glad she likes to play my sport. Below are a few photos. Hope you enjoy!

Diamondbacks 2011
Now announcing...... T-ball Diamondbacks. Yea!!!!!!

Can you guess which equipment belongs to Maddie?
Batter up. She whacked that ball straight up the middle. That's my girl.
She's coming home
Catching her fly ball

My Sweetheart! She' such a doll. Here's Brianna sporting her big sister's team shirt. Bri is Madison's biggest fan (along with mom and dad.) When Maddie fields the ball, she gets so excited and starts yelling: 'Sister got ball' and once Maddie throws the ball, she claps her hands and gives her a thumbs up.
The fam bam taking a snow cone break. Below is Bri meeting Maddie to give her a high five after running into home base.

Here's our funny family picture. This is the best out of plenty. I'm hoping to get a better one before the season is over. I love my family.

Disney On Ice

As always, the Lujan Familia have been busy. Let's start with Valentine's Day. Maddie had her first school party so we made treats and put together goody bags for all her little friends. She had such a good time giving/receiving valentines. Each of the girls got a backpack that was filled with a movie, candy, an outfit, hair bows and I had some balloons attached their gifts. I decorated the house with cute Valentine decorations and at the request of Miss Maddie, had a bar-b-q. The girls also got to decorate their own heart shaped cake. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all this- I think they're on my mother in-law's camera. As part of their gift, I took the girls to see Disney on Ice. Brianna is infatuated with Minnie Mouse right now (although she addresses her as Mickey) so her little eyes just lit up when she seen her on stage. She started clapping her hands and was yelling "Mickey". She is too cute! Then, when her act was over, Bri decided to fall asleep for the rest of the show. Madison really enjoyed the show and said all the scenes were her favorite. Thanks Aunt Letta, Maryann and Grandma Ruthann for coming along with us. Above is a picture of Maddie holding a bag with all her V-day goodies.

Brianna slept a lot of the day but eventually opened her gift. She loves her backpack and watches her movie 10 times a day. I think she's getting a new one for Easter.
The girls and I on the BART. It was a pretty fun ride.

The girls representing Daddy's favorite team. Ha,ha,ha!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Cuteness

Here are some pictures of my little sweethearts. I can't believe Madison will be 5 years old in July and starting kindergarten shortly after. Although she wanted to play basketball, I decided to give her a break. She was bummed but was happy to learn that I signed her up for t-ball and her season begins in March. I'm thinking about putting her and Brianna in gymnastics but we'll see. She's doing great in preschool and has learned so much. She tends to get bored every now and again because she's ahead of a lot of her classmates but her teacher manages to keep her busy. Madison still continues to be an awesome big sister but has her moments when she wants nothing to do with Brianna. Lately, she's been screaming at Brianna and calling her a stingy sister, mean baby, ...etc. She has a problem understanding that Brianna is still learning right from wrong and we have to teach her to do things like share. Then, when she tries to be her normal, loving, caring self again, Brianna wants nothing to do with her. So we're working on the way she talks to her little sister, her whining and tantrums! Madison acts so mature for her age so when she throws a tantrum and whines, I get so frustrated. But then I realize that she's acting like a typical kid. I love her classic lines like: 'Mom, I didn't ask for a sister who pulls my hair and hits me' or 'Are you sure we can't give her back?'. But on a good note, she enjoys making her little sister laugh, she likes to read books to her, and they have such a fun time playing tea party. I love to see them interact, hear their funny laughs and see their sweet smiles. Madison is such a funny and loving little girl. She's also a good helper especially if it pertains to Brianna or something around the house. But for some reason, cleaning her room and picking up after herself is a big problem.

Brianna is already 18 months. It's crazy how time flies. As I mentioned before, she is still dealing with her eczema but that doesn't stop her from being the sweetheart that she is. She's pretty laid back and such a good girl. She's sneaky and loves to climb on everything (no matter what the height is) but overall, she's quite calm. She talks so much, it's amazing. Definitely like her big sister. She's also a bit of a teaser. If you ask her for something, she'll say 'No' and run and when you're not expecting it, she'll flaunt it in your face and say: 'Ha-ha' and laughs hysterically. She loves to be around her "Mammie" ( a.k.a. Maddie) and is always giving her "Lovies" (hugs/kisses) except when she's getting yelled at by her. But she yells right back and calls her "bad girl". Both girls have been bickering at each other but yet, can't be without each other. Typical sisters. Brianna likes to sit in her lap or will go cuddle next to her. She's a real cuddle bug and I love it. According to Bree, everything is the color purple (I guess she got tired of saying pink) and when you ask her age, she's either 2,3,5,9,10 and holds up 1 finger. I don't think she's ever been her real age. LOL! She knows all her body parts and can name some as she goes along. Both she and Maddie love to sing and dance. She loves to wear jewelry and has a tantrum during bath time because I take off her bling. So I've decided that it's not that serious and I allow her to wear her bling during her bath. When she's done getting dressed up she says: 'Look, cute!' What a doll! Once you get to know her, she can just melt your heart. I better stop right here because this blog will never end. I enjoy talking about my girls and the new things they've learned or how they make me laugh or want to pull out my hair.

Overall, both Madison and Brianna are beautiful and loving little girls. They are so darn smart and I'm proud of all their accomplishments. I'm so lucky to be their Mom. I can't imagine life without these cuties.


Driving+ texting+ leg up= bad combo. Ha,ha,ha!!!
A typical day at the farm with those smelly pigs. I probably shouldn't let Maddie read this post. LOL!
Brianna's first pair of boots. They have cute little lady bugs on them.
This is one of my favorite pictures. She has a bad habit of riding per power quad while standing on her seat. As I was doing dishes, I can could see on the side of my eye that she was standing up. So when I turned to scold her, she immediately sat down and said: "what???'. If she only knew I was onto to her.
She enjoys playing with her Magna Doodle and it's great for car trips.
Maddie on her way to take Nana to the train station.

Silly Girls
Awww sister love. Brianna was sick and didn't want to smile but she still looked cute.